Finca Can Búho

Festivals near Finca Can Búho


The people on Mallorca love their traditional music, dance and costumes. During the summer there is a festivity almost every weekend in one of the villages. If you want to see one, chances are good there is one nearby.

Besides those small public fiestas, there are the large ones. Here is a choice:

  • St. Antoni, January 16./ 17.: The devils are let loose in Manacor and in other villages and towns. On the streets huge pyres are blazing and the smell of roasted soprasada and delicious buñols is in the air. Have no fear. In the end St. Antoni will win over the devils. Impressive.
  • St. Sebastiá, January 19.: Palma is celebrating its city patron. Also this festivity is with much fire, dance and the legendary croc-dragon (Drac de na Coca), that was raging the city as recently as in the 18th Cent. before it was defeated. Research for yourself!
  • Easter: pompous procession on Good Friday in Manacor. In the week after Easter there a pilgrimages to the monasteries and chapels of the island.
  • Night of St. John, June 23.: the beaches are a single huge festival. The people are celebraiting with food and music under the stars until sunrise. Who takes a bath in the sea at sunrise is protected against all ills during one year.
  • Festival of St.a Carmen, July 6.: The fishing boats of Porto Cristo leave the harbour in a procession to circle around a statue of St.a Carmen.
  • Moros y Cristianos, August 2.: revival of the 16th Century on the streets of Pollença. With wooden swords and historical costumes the wars with the moors are staged. The whole village and half of the island are on the streets. Spectacular.